Best Avocado Juice in Singapore – King Avocado

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Singapore’s best avocado juices can be found in Alexandra Village Food Centre.  Everywhere you look there is a juice stall selling avocado juice and you can find literally everyone having a mug or plastic cup of this avocado drink.  Other hawker stall chefs have bought avocado drinks from these juice stalls and enjoy these during their breaks.

Two juice stalls famous for its avocado juice just one stall apart from each other are Mr. Avocado and King Avocado.  Both stalls are legendary with its rich history and fame for serving up deliciously refreshing avocado drinks.  I was thankful to try out both wonderful avocado drinks.

Mr. Avocado

I queued up first for Mr. Avocado and there were around nine of us in queue.  A lady sitting down eating lunch beside the queue suddenly began asking orders from us. She then shouted to the middle-aged man inside the stall our orders.  The man just kept on pouring avocado juice to the mugs consisting of avocado, milk and gula melaka.  I got my avocado juice and was excited to have my first avocado juice in Singapore.

The avocado juice texture was thick.  On the first slurp of that avocado goodness, I tasted the goodness of avocado with very strong smokey caramel fragrance and sweetness coming from gula melaka.  The gula melaka was very strong providing a sweet aftertaste.

After having a taste of Mr. Avocado’s avocado juice, I went to the neighboring stall, King Avocado, to get another avocado juice and see the differences between these legendary stalls.

King Avocado

A huge display of assorted sliced fruits covers mostly what I could see along with many posters of variety of drinks to choose from posted everywhere I look.  A small corner of the stall was an opening where I could queue and peek inside this legendary stall.  I saw uncle who greeted me and asked what I would liked.  

“One avocado juice, Uncle.”

Uncle with his silver hair was already in his golden years and yet still dedicatedly serving juices for diners and hawkers alike.  His steady aged hands held a pitcher filled with avocado juice and poured this creamy goodness unto the heavy beer mug until filled right up to the brim.  Before leaving, I was able to meet the uncle’s wife and mentioned to her I could not wait to enjoy their avocado juice.

The avocado juice from King Avocado contained fresh avocados from Australia, fresh milk and gula melaka.  The avocado drink was very creamy in texture.  Upon taking a sip, the juice was full of bold earthy and creamy avocado and a little hint of sweetness coming from gula melaka.  The distinctive avocado taste of earthy, buttery and creaminess remained the star and not to be overshadowed by the gula melaka and milk.  

Creamy Avocado Juice

Both Mr. Avocado and King Avocado served delicious avocado drinks. I would recommend to go for the King Avocado if you prefer more robust creamy avocado taste while Mr. Avocado would be preferred if you like the avocado drink thicker but sweeter with super strong gula melaka taste then this would be the drink to choose.  

King Avocado’s Husband and Wife

I went back to King Avocado stall in hopes of talking to the uncle and auntie, who happen to be husband and wife. I was fortunate to have the time to know more about King Avocado from Lily Tan, the wife of Ng Teck Guan. Lily’s husband used to work with his father with their drink stall until his father passed away and he began to sell avocado juice afterwards in 1979.

King Avocado makes its avocado juice with just three ingredients.  First is the fresh Australian avocadoes.  Second is the fresh milk they add in.  Third is the gula melaka to add that subtle sweetness.  Aside from avocado juice, Lily recommends to get the Soursop juice sourced from Johor, Malaysia and the Apple Beetroot Carrot juice or ABC.

The couple is very happy when many customers come especially on weekends.  The work is very tough as a hawker.  They start their work at 8am in the morning and finish up late past midnight.    The husband and wife also need time to prepare the fruits for the next day’s business.  They do have a one day off a week where they relax and rest.  

The stories Lily Tan and Ng Teck Guan are inspiring. I appreciate the hard work they put in.  Being a hawker is not easy and requires a lot of dedication and perseverance.  Whenever you are at Alexandra Village Food Centre, drop by King Avocado and have a taste of their delicious avocado juice and other juices.

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