Deliciously Crafted Nyonya Chendol

Deliciously Crafted Nyonya Chendol

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Nyonya Chendol has one of the most beautiful and delicious chendol in Singapore.  Nyonya Chendol offers delicious chendol with perfectly shaved ice that is smooth in texture and none of that rough icy taste. A generous serving of gula melaka, coconut milk, cendol squiggly noodles and additional red beans makes this a must have delight in Singapore.

You get see how your dessert is meticulously prepared.  The staff first prepares the shaved ice and placed on the bowl with some coconut milk as its base. Coconut milk is poured over the shaved ice followed by generous serving of gula melaka. Red beans and those chendol noodles are then added making this cendol a sweet delight.


The chendol is beautifully constructed as each ingredient added.  The combination of ingredients compliments very well together where no one ingredient overpowers in taste.  Each spoonful gives a delightful burst of sweetness as the gula melaka and coconut milk tingles your tastebuds.  The chewiness of the red beans and chendol noodles adds that contrast to the sweetness.

Nyonya Chendol has several hawker stalls in Singapore.  The staff and owner are friendly too.  Make sure to drop by whenever you are in the area.

Nyonya Chendol Stalls:

#01-115 Old Airport Road Food Centre (10:30am – 10pm)

#02-147 Bukit Timah Food Centre (1030am – 930pm)

#01-17 Whampoa Food Centre (1130am – 10pm, Closed on Tuesday)

#01-57 Blk 85 Redhill Food Centre (1030am – 930pm, Closed on Wednesday)