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Super Ngon Authentic Vietnamese
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Super Ngon Vietnamese Cafe offers straightforward delicious phở gà (chicken noodle soup) and phở bò (beef noodle soup) best enjoyed with Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. Furthermore, Super Ngon’s quaint interiors invite you for a refreshing trà (tea) or reinvigorating cà phê (coffee). The cafe does not overcomplicate its menu and focuses in serving phở gà and phở bò. Phở bò has been served for this meal. The beef noodle soup is light and clean tasting with not so overpowering spices … Read More

Mr. Kneady’s
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Mr. Kneady’s is an Artisan bakery hawker at the second floor of Bedok Marketplace specializing in handmade Sourdough breads and delicious pizzas all freshly handmade.  The warmth lighting, pizza ovens, cheese, breads and open concept where you can see the pizzaiolo in action are very much inviting.  Mr. Kneady’s offers Sourdough pizzas in the evening.  There are four Sourdough pizzas to choose from – Arlandria, Remedy, Space Oddity, and Art of War.  Seasonal pizzas are offered in limited time during special occasions like Chinese … Read More

Koothurar Nasi Briyani
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Koothurar Nasi Briyani provides delicious and aromatic briyani just beside Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore.

Best Avocado Juice in Singapore – King Avocado
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Singapore’s best avocado juices can be found in Alexandra Village Food Centre.  Everywhere you look there is a juice stall selling avocado juice and you can find literally everyone having a mug or plastic cup of this avocado drink.  Other hawker stall chefs have bought avocado drinks from these juice stalls and enjoy these during their breaks. Two juice stalls famous for its avocado juice just one stall apart from each other are Mr. Avocado and King Avocado.  Both stalls are legendary with … Read More

Souffle Pancakes by SweeT.Rex
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Hawker souffle pancakes at Mei Ling Market and Food Centre at Queenstown Singapore handmade with a mother’s love and passion for food. Wong Yan Kei is the baker and owner of SweeT.rex offering souffle pancakes, pudding and lemon cheesecake among others.

Kopi More – Local Kopi with a Modern Brew
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Lawrence Tan of Kopi More brews your kopi in a modern brew using an espresso machine at Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore. Kopi More elevates kopi with his own unique coffee blend creation. Each cup of kopi has a smooth nutty flavor that is neither too bitter nor too acidic.