Souffle Pancakes by SweeT.Rex

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Delicious souffle pancakes are being served at a residential neighborhood Singapore hawker center handmade with a mother’s love and passion for food.  Wong Yan Kei is the baker and owner of SweeT.rex offering souffle pancakes, pudding and lemon cheesecake among others. What has gotten my attention is her souffle pancake that is very unique at Mei Ling Market and Food Centre at Queenstown.

The souffle pancake is all about the eggs and the technique in separating the egg whites from egg yolks and whipping the egg whites to form the meringue.  This becomes airy and fluffy due to the result of the batter made.  The owner prepares the pancake batter in advance and cooks the souffle pancake only when a customer orders it.

The baker makes the souffle pancakes by getting the freshly made batter and pouring it unto the griddle as it forms a circle and then covering it with a metal lid as it begins to cook one side.  Yan sets the timer to keep her on notice.  After a few minutes, she opens the lid and gently flips the souffle pancakes to cook the other side on the griddle.  Her handy timer will alarm once the souffle pancake is ready. 

Yan then drizzles the souffle pancakes with your choice of sauce.  There are chocolate, strawberry and caramel to choose from.  The sauce gives most of the sweetness flavor.  The souffle pancakes are light, airy and has that aromatic eggy taste.  Each order of souffle pancakes comes in pairs and costs 3 SGD.  

A middle aged man who is beside me when both of us ordered the souffle pancakes mentioned that Yan was a daring lady to open up a hawker stall.  I totally agree with him.  Yan is courageous to manage her business and support her family.  She is a mother of two kids who are studying in primary school.  Yan usually closes the hawker stall on weekdays to focus on her family and opens the stall on weekends.

SweeT.rex is a play on words inspired by her daughter’s interest in dinosaurs and her passion in baking.  Everything the she sells from souffle pancakes, lemon cheesecake, and pudding are all handmade.  Yan is a self-taught baker and the food she sells are the ones her children like to eat. Meeting Wong Yan Kei is very encouraging as young entrepreneurs take the challenge in running a hawker business.  

When you plan to drop by to have either the souffle pancakes or any of the other desserts do consider going on a weekend as the stall is open mostly on weekends.


159 Mei Chin Road #02-47 Mei Ling Market & Food Centre Singapore, 140159

Open on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm