Peranakan Inspired Food from Old Nyonya

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Old Nyonya is run by husband and wife, Tony and Ruby, selling Peranakan influenced Malay dishes in Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore. Tony learned to cook these wonderful dishes from his aunt who has been cooking for many decades and comfortably retired at 90 years old. Old Nyonya serves delightful of chicken curry, chicken rendang, lontong, laksa, mee siam, bubur cha cha, chili cuttlefish among others. The food tastes even better when I have the chance to talk to the … Read More

Poh Cheu

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Poh Cheu sells a huge variety of Ang Ku Kueh in Bukit Merah.  Poh Cheu makes handmade Ang Ku Kueh with soft pastry and very dense filling that just bursts with flavor at each bite.  Ang Ku Kueh is also known as Red Tortoise Cake which is a round shaped pastry made commonly from glutinous rice flour with a filling inside typically peanut. Poh Cheu takes pride in making handmade kueh.  Just behind the stall counter are several people working … Read More


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