Mr. Kneady’s

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Mr. Kneady's pizza

Mr. Kneady’s is an Artisan bakery hawker at the second floor of Bedok Marketplace specializing in handmade Sourdough breads and delicious pizzas all freshly handmade.  The warmth lighting, pizza ovens, cheese, breads and open concept where you can see the pizzaiolo in action are very much inviting. 

Mr. Kneady’s offers Sourdough pizzas in the evening.  There are four Sourdough pizzas to choose from – Arlandria, Remedy, Space Oddity, and Art of War.  Seasonal pizzas are offered in limited time during special occasions like Chinese New Year and Christmas.  I love cheese very much that I just have to get the Arlandria with smoked mozzarella, brie, gruyere and mozzarella.  I also did get Remedy with the creamy garlic sauce, smoked chicken, red onions and mozzarella.  

Lionel, took my order and began to prepare the pizzas. Using a freshly made sourdough pizza dough, Lionel uses his own tomato sauce to base the pizza and proceeds to add the toppings.  Both pizzas are placed inside the oven to bake.

Mr. Kneady's pizza

Behind any baker is a journey through various destinations and experiences that is a reflection of the food being made.  While the pizzas are in the oven, I was able to know more about Lionel.   His passion of baking has taken him through New Zealand, New York and Iceland.

The pizzas have been baked and Lionel takes these out for slicing and packaging for takeaway.  The pizzas are piping hot with the bubbly cheese and tomato sauce sizzling.  As the pizza was being sliced, one could hear the crispiness of the pizza crust.  

Mr. Kneady's pizza

Getting the opportunity to listen to Lionel’s food journey makes me appreciate the passion, dedication and the hard work behind the food I enjoy.

Find Lionel and eat delicious sourdough bread and pizzas at Bedok Marketplace.